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Reflections on the loss of a great customer

We recently lost one of our favorite customers, Frank Johnson. Following are reflections from our years of doing business with a great man.

Sending love, thoughts, and prayers from All Tech Automotive to Frank's family and those who knew and loved him! Frank was a long-time customer at our shop, and an outstanding example of a wonderful businessman and family man.

Frank's 1999 Ford Expedition saw over 360,000 miles - not because it was that reliable of a vehicle, but because Frank cared for it that well. Oil and filter changes. Pre-trip inspections. Suspension repairs. Tune-ups. Transmission replacement. Engine replacement. Failed emissions diagnostics. A lot of work, over a lot of years. He loved that truck and was most excited about taking it back to the cabin in Montana, it seems.

He took care of his family in the same manner. We practically watched his grandson Austin grow up at the school down the street and then into multiple jobs, and multiple cars along the way. We have met Frank's wife and daughters at the shop as well. He spoke very highly of CSU, every chance he could.

We always admired the way Frank treated us and interacted with us at the shop - he trusted us, and he held us accountable for our work. He asked a lot of questions. He made a lot of decisions. He was fair in his business dealings with us always, and we saw him treat others the same way.

At the end of it all, while we're sure he wasn't perfect - in many ways Frank seemed to be the perfect example of a man. As the saying goes, "they don't make 'em like they used to". We could all take a lesson from his quiet discipline and humility.

With love and appreciation from our entire crew - rest easy Frank; you will be missed!