Fort Collins Auto Repair Services

Car Repair and Auto Maintenance Services in Northern Colorado

When it comes to Fort Collins auto repair and car maintenance, MazTech All-Tech Automotive doesn’t beat around the bush–we’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done and carefully explain all of your car repair options. We put honest back into automotive repair and car maintenance in Northern Colorado.

Our founder Chuck Jacquinot built MazTech All-Tech Automotive on the premise that if you treat people right, you can build a business people will count on year after year. Our Fort Collins auto repair ASE technicians and service advisors will greet you with a smile and sincere handshake and leave you feeling understood and confident in our Fort Collins auto repair services. We don’t push you into auto repair decisions. We explain and inform, giving you straightforward information you can trust to make the best choice for your car repair budget and your vehicle. We also recycle all parts and promote environmental-friendly Fort Collins auto repair at every step.

Where Trust is Truly the Bottom Line

At MazTech All-Tech Automotive, we live our motto every day–trust is truly our bottom line. We don’t believe in auto repairs that aren’t necessary. Our experienced auto mechanics only recommend auto services and vehicle maintenance you need. Whether you come into our Fort Collins auto repair shop or self-diagnosis your car issues, here are common auto maintenance and car repairs that should be on your radar:

Our Fort Collins Auto Repair Services Include:

The best way to prevent car repairs is with scheduled maintenance. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual outlines when scheduled maintenance and mileage check-ups are recommended (typically at 30,000; 60,000; and 90,000 miles) and MazTech All Tech Automotive can assist you in developing a routine car maintenance plan. Our advanced car diagnostic tools can pinpoint car repairs that can extend the life of your vehicle and ensure proper running condition.

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Brake Repair: Brakes are nothing to take lightly. Brakes should be inspected annually and whenever you experience regular grinding or screeching brakes, the brake warning light stays on, or the brake pedal is low, hard, or spongy.

Stop in today or contact us for a brake inspection and to learn if you may need brake repairs or brake replacements.

Imagine trying to go your entire life without visiting the doctor’s office. Just like humans, cars need regular tune-ups to check what’s going on “under the hood.” Standard tune-ups include spark plug replacements, fuel filter replacement, and oil filter replacement, which improve fuel economy and how the engine starts while lowering emissions.

For Fort Collins Mazda repair, import car care services, and maintenance and tune-ups on all makes and models, click here to contact us or call us today.

Timing Belts, Timing Chains and Water Pumps: Unfortunately, there’s no real way to tell if a timing belt is going bad without a thorough check by trained auto technicians. To avoid issues on the road, we recommend changing your timing belt based on your manufacturer’s suggested intervals, which is typically every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Water pumps often need to be changed around the same time as timing belts, and getting both done at once can save you money as well as unexpected issues in the long run.

Contact MazTech All Tech Automotive for timing belt replacement and water pump replacement in Fort Collins.

We recommend a 4-wheel alignment at least once a year and after a new set of tires is purchased; after a collision, accident, hitting a curb or pothole; after replacing steering or suspension components; if the vehicle is pulling to the left or right while driving; if the tires have irregular wear; and/or if the car steering is off centered.

Drop into MazTech All Tech Automotive or use our contact us form to learn how our ASE technicians can improve your car’s alignment.

There’s no need to be too hot or too cold in your car.

If your car’s climate control doesn’t seem right, stop into MazTech All Tech Automotive or contact us here to schedule an inspection today.

Drop into MazTech All Tech Automotive or use our contact us form to learn how our ASE technicians can improve your car’s alignment.
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Transmission repair and transmission replacement can be scary words, and changing your transmission fluid regularly can help avoid both. We recommend changing your transmission fluid based on your car manufacturer’s recommendation. With both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, if you experience rough shifts, slipping, delayed engagement, fluid leaks, or the transmission warning light comes on, you should get a transmission inspection.

Contact Us or call MazTech All Tech Automotive in Fort Collins for all your transmission inspection and transmission repair needs.

If your engine has smoking of any kind (black, blue or white smoke), loud banging or knocking noises, or experiences a loss of power, you may need to consider an engine replacement.

Contact MazTech All Tech Automotive for engine inspections by the best engine replacement technicians in Northern Colorado.

Does your ride seem bumpier than normal? Or are you having issues controlling your vehicle? Your vehicle suspension may be at play. MazTech All Tech Automotive offers full suspension repairs including struts, shock absorbers, anti-sway and torsion bars, coil springs, and more based on your chassis or frame.

Contact us or call us and have your suspension checked at MazTech All Tech Automotive today!

You likely know when something is a little off while driving your car but pinpointing the exact issue can be tricky. It might be the clutch, fuel pump, exhaust system, brakes, or an array of other car repair issues. It might be something as simple as removing contaminants through a radiator flush, or something as serious as an engine replacement might be needed. With MazTech All-Tech Automotive’s drivability diagnostics, we can identify anything that may be malfunctioning with your vehicle while being driven, from suspension to tires to ignition issues, and give you the best advice for your car.
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