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Buying a Used Car – Ask for an Emissions Test First

In Colorado, the seller of a used car or truck is responsible for the emissions test required in the licensing to the new owner. If you buy a used car from a private party and the vehicle fails the emissions test, the seller is required by Department of Revenue rules to repair the car or truck to pass, or refund the purchase price. However, to enforce the rule, it may be necessary to sue the seller who does not want to comply and that is a big pain in the butt. If you buy from a new or used car dealer, the same holds true when the dealer has not had the vehicle tested. Only, the dealer is allowed to provide you with a voucher to have the test run, with the same rule about failures as the private party. My advice: have the vehicle emissions tested before you buy it and save some potential brain and financial damage

20 OCT 2010 Avoid Standing On Line – Use the Rapid Screen Testing at the Side of the Road

20 OCT 2010 Avoid Standing On Line – Use the Rapid Screen Testing at the Side of the Road

By driving through the Rapid Screen setup along the side of the road and having two consecutive passing readings in the year before your test/renewal is due, you can avoid the trip to the testing station. This link will show you where the vans are parked for the week. Many times there are two or even three vans parked on the I 25 south bound on ramps at Mulberry, Prospect, and/or Harmony. A quick trip out to the freeway and some down and up driving may be all it takes. Remember: 1. two consecutive trips with a passing grade 2. the trips must be at two different sites if on the same day 3. the tests must not occur within the two months before your due date as the reports will not be available to the county 4. you can start the drive through process up to one year before your tags are set to renew 5. YOU NEED TO BE ACCELERATING AS ... read more