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Online Auto Parts Purchases

From time to time we are asked to install auto parts that are purchased online from a store on the internet. Our experience has not been that good with this approach to parts purchases and a recent situation really reinforces this position. Our customer needed a new engine for his Toyota 4Runner and we found one online. The company is located in Colorado and we thought that the fact that it is in Colorado and not some out of the way place we never heard of, we would be okay in buying from them. Our concerns about online auto parts purchases include not really knowing the supplier, not knowing if the warranty will hold up, and not knowing if the part will meet the high quality standards we set for ourselves and our customers. Well, we should have listened to ourselves. The engine failed and the company refused to honor the warranty even though they never even inspected the engine. We are currently involved in an expensive legal battle to just get our $$$ back and it has taken its toll on us emotionally as well as financially. The engine failed due to human error in its assembly and through no fault of the driver. And yet, we have to fight like heck to get things made right. Soooo, even the ABC of “Always Buy Colorado” does not overcome the need to know your suppliers. We normally purchase our auto parts from NAPACarquest, the local original equipment dealerships, and other nationally known companies. Engine work is done through our local machine shop, AMS. But in this case we opted for speed and keeping the $$$ in Colorado. What’s that old saying? “Do as I say, not as I do”. I guess at All Tech we are just as human as the rest of you.