Performance Tune Auto Repair and All Tech Automotive Have Joined Forces!

You can still expect the same great service under the All Tech Automotive name!

Please enjoy the new changes as we continue to improve our website to better serve you!

Ft. Collins Auto Repair

All Tech Automotive WestMonday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
1007 Centre Ave. , Fort Collins, CO 80526
All Tech Automotive EastMonday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
450 Industrial Dr. , Fort Collins, CO 80524

Get To Know The Man Under The Hat

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share that gift with others.

Every small business takes on the personality of its owner. Growing up in a small business family in North Dakota (my father was a pharmacist offering midnight prescription deliveries), I loved the customer service aspect of it all. But I was also the kid who could identify every late ‘60s muscle car at a thousand yards. There was no doubt, cars were in my blood.

Mis-diagnosed in high school, I went on to study computer science and business and began a long career in consumer electronics - marketing, product management, sales development, travel. It was a good ride, supporting our growing family, allowing me to coach youth soccer and lead the Cub Scouts.

Around the year 2000, a drag racer moved into the neighborhood. Engines roaring in the evening, I made my way over to meet him. This was the beginning of “shop night,” twenty years of “Every Thursday night we meet at Ron’s house to work on somebody’s car.” Literally, twenty years. Half-way through, I realized I had a lot more fun with these guys than with the people I worked with every day. And so began the process of planning, and eventually escaping the corporate world to begin a career in automotive repair.

In 2015, our children out of college and not currently financially dependent, our family purchased All Tech Automotive. There has been no looking back - finally my love for business, customer service and automobiles came together!

This is not to say it has been easy, not by any means. Technology is changing very fast; continuing education is a must! Great technicians are hard to come by. Tools cost a fortune. But the hardest part of the journey has been assembling and keeping a great team.

It took a few years to really understand the business. Seven years in, I am proud to say we have grown the business to new heights in the last four successive years. The best part? 2022 will be “our year.” We have a wonderful, talented team of technicians and service advisors. We still have miles to go before we sleep, and we absolutely love helping your family understand and take care of your cars! Our stated goal is to be the best shop in Fort Collins.

As residents of Fort Collins and members of the automotive community, we are constantly striving to make both our industry and our community better. We belong to the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, the NAPA Elite Business Development Group, and are business member supporters of Realities For Children and the Boy Scouts of America.

If you and your family are needing car service – an oil change, brakes, diagnostic service, a second opinion - I hope you will consider All Tech Automotive. I guarantee, we will shoot you straight.


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