Brake Services and Repair in Fort Collins, CO

At Maz-Tech All-Tech, we KNOW Brakes.

We understand that most people aren’t sure what to ask for when inquiring about Brake Inspection or Brake Repair. They simply know something just doesn’t feel right with their brakes.

Brake Repair in Fort Collins, CO | All-Tech Automotive

Common phrases we hear in our shop include:

– “my brakes are screeching”
– “my brake warning light is on”
– “I hear my brakes grinding”
– “my brake pedal seems to be hard or sticky”
– “my brake pedal is soft or spongy”

Here, our experienced team knows everything it takes to perform a complete and thorough Brake Inspection, and when needed, the appropriate Brake Repair.

Things you’ll hear US say in our shop are:

-entire brake system
-lining condition
-rotors and drums
-calipers and wheel cylinders
-brake hardware
-hoses (cracked, swollen, or leaking hoses)
-master cylinder
-brake pads

You’ll never hear us tell you that you need extensive brake repair when you don’t. We’ll have an honest conversation with you about our inspection, assessment and recommendations. And like we said, we know Brakes…so allow us to take care of your car in the best way we know how.

Brakes should be inspected annually, let us get you scheduled today!