Auto Tune-Ups in Fort Collins, CO

Improve Fuel Economy, Lower Emissions

Why regular tune-ups on your car? Well, imagine going through your entire life without visiting the doctor’s office to check in and make sure everything is working properly. You’d never really have answers… you’d have guesses. Just like humans, cars need regular tune-ups to check what’s going on “under the hood.” Most tune-ups can be performed by simply lifting the hood, and without putting your vehicle on a lift. Standard tune-ups include basic check-ins like: spark plug replacements and fuel filter replacement, which improve fuel economy and how the engine starts while lowering emissions.

Car Tune-Up in Fort Collins, CO | All-Tech Automotive

Common tune-up operations include:

– Spark Plugs
– Fuel Filter
– Distributor Cap or Rotor
– PCV Valve
– Air Filter

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