Eco Friendly Auto Repair

Car Repair and Auto Maintenance Services in Northern Colorado

MazTech All Tech Automotive in Fort Collins wants what is best for you, your vehicle, and the environment--that's why we make every effort to recycle, reuse, and minimize our impact on the environment. And we don't just talk a big game--we back our words up with actions in our eco friendly auto repair shop and our offices. From pop cans to automotive parts, oil to biodegradable floor cleaner, we stop at nothing to protect our environment while providing the best car repair and truck repair services in Fort Collins.

Here's what MazTech All Tech Automotive, your eco friendly auto repair shop does every day to operate in a green way:

  • Recycle all parts, steel and aluminum
  • Send in any parts that cannot be recycled to be rebuilt. Many parts come with a "Core Charge," which is a deposit that is refunded when the part is sent in to be rebuilt, refurbished, or re-manufactured.
  • Provide customers with options to purchase used parts or rebuilt parts to replace their vehicle's broken parts
  • Recycle all paper, boxes that shipments and parts come in, and even our soda cans
  • Buy all oil in bulk unless there is a special customer request
  • Use old oil that has been taken out of customers' vehicles to run our heater in the winter; recycle the oil in the summer
  • Use biodegradable floor cleaner in the shop and ensure that no contaminates or parts go down the drain--all this and we are still known for having the cleanest shop in town!

Eco Friendly Auto Repair Shop in Fort Collins, CO | All-Tech Automotive

Playing our part for the environment doesn’t stop the minute a customer drives away from our repair shop. At MazTech All Tech Automotive, we pride ourselves on educating our clients about how to reduce their impact on the environment while improving your car’s performance.

Here’s what you can do to keep your car running at its best while protecting our environment:
Keep your car or truck up-to-date with regular maintenance. Making sure your car is running efficiently will improve gas mileage and reduce emissions. Be sure to have spark plugs, air filters, tires, and the cooling system checked regularly.
Abrupt starts and stops and aggressive driving can hamper your gas mileage. Also, try to limit trips in your vehicle by planning to buy groceries while you are already out running other errands.
Use cruise control to maintain a consistent speed, when possible.
Limit idling simply by turning off your engine for bank drive-throughs, trains, and during extended traffic delays.
Roll the windows down and turn off the air conditioner. While A/C is a nice luxury, it also requires your car work harder. When possible, opt to roll down your windows rather than turn on the A/C, particularly for short trips.
Check your gas cap. A crack or loose gas cap can increase your vehicle’s emissions and vaporize your gas before you can use it.
Whether oil, batteries, tires, or other auto parts, recycle everything and anything that you can. MazTech All Tech Automotive is happy to help if you’re unsure where or how to recycle your used motor oil or car parts.
Dark oil spots on your garage floor can be a good indication that your car needs to have its fluids checked. Being on a regular maintenance schedule will ensure that leaks that occur while your car is running are caught.